VCT Cleaning

VCT Floor Cleaning

If you have vinyl composite tile (VCT) flooring coated with old wax, soil, and debris, it's time for a clean and wax. However, applying fresh coats of wax is a labor intensive process. Count on DryTech for a thorough cleaning and waxing, VCT floors will have a nice shine to them leaving a much better appearance than before.

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Performing a Vinyl Tile Floor Cleaning
Tile Floor Cleaning in Progress
Vinyl Tile Cleaning in Progress
Performing Vinyl Tile Cleaning in Commercial Space
Performing Vinyl Tile Floor Cleaning
Floor Cleaning in Progress at School
Floor Cleaning Equipment in Entryway
Entryway Flooring Before Cleaning
Floor Cleaning Equipment
Buffer on Commercial Vinyl Floor
Buffer in the Middle of Vinyl Tile Floor
Vinyl Tile Floor Before Cleaning
Prepping Vinyl Floors for Cleaning
Vinyl Tile Floor Cleaning in Progress
Vinyl Floor Cleaning Start
Performing Vinyl Floor Cleaning
Commercial Space Floor Cleaning in Progress
Commercial Space After Floor Cleaning
Commercial Space Ready for Floor Cleaning
Floor Cleaning and Refinishing Equipment

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